The Examiner (Visitors per month: 8,757,840):   The Citrus Splash Exfoliating Body Bar was featured, with photography, in a “Change The Way You Clean With Pura Naturals” piece on this news website.

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Two Classy (Visitors per month: 14,190):  The Peppermint Volcano Active Sponges were featured, with photography, in a positive review on this lifestyle blog. (Visitors per month: 8,757,840):The Citrus Splash Exfoliating Body Bar was featured, with photography, in a “Change The Way You Clean With Pura Naturals” piece on this news website.

Two Classy (Visitors per month: 14,190):The Peppermint Volcano Active Sponges were featured, with photography, in a positive review on this lifestyle blog.

Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink (Visitors per month: 186,120):The Lavender Mist, Citrus Blast and Eucalyptus Breeze Body Bars were featured, with photography, in a “15 Picks to Renew + Refresh Your Face, Skin + Hair” roundup.

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The Pura Naturals Line was featured, with photography, on this beauty blog.

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The Exfoliating Body Bars and Facial Cleansing Pads were featured on an Earth Day beauty finds segment on this news network’s website.

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The Pura Naturals Line was featured, with photography, on this beauty blog.

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Charcoal and Tea Tree facial cleansing pad

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:The Active Charcoal Purifying Soap-Infused Facial Cleansing was featured with photography in a “Post Workout Beauty Essentials” post. (Visitors per month: 35,405):
The Peppermint Volcano Soap-Infused Active Sponge was featured with photography in a positive, “Back to Basics: My Favorite All-Natural Skincare Products” post.

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The Soap Infused Sponges were featured with photography in a roundup of organic cosmetics lines (Visitors per month: 74,600):
The Pura Naturals Active Charcoal Purifying Soap-Infused Facial Cleansing Sponges were featured with photography in a post-workout beauty story on this beauty and lifestyle blog.

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Pura Naturals was featured in a gym bag beauty essentials post on this magazine’s video platform.

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Pura Naturals was featured in a gym bag beauty essentials post on this magazine’s social page.

Beauty News NYC (Visitors per month 33,510):The Active Charcoal Purifying Sponge was featured, with photography, in a “beauty scope” article.

Pura Naturals on drugstorenews.comPura Naturals intros eco-friendly cleaning toolAs a follow-up to the success of its line of personal bathing products…

Pura Naturals on Parade.com7 Gift Ideas Presented 2 Ways6. For the pore perfectionist…

The Grommet, Pura Naturals LaunchThe Grommet: Pura Naturals SpongesInventive technology comes to everyday cleaning with Pura Naturals plant-based sponges.

Hike, Bike, TravelReview: Pura Naturals Camping Sponges“I bet you can’t imagine getting too excited about a sponge. You might be under the same impression that I was – that a sponge is a sponge is a sponge.”

Product Test: Pura Naturals spongeProduct Test: Pura Naturals spongeCheck us out as a featured product on St. Louis-Post Dispatch.

Expanded Holiday Retail Gift Guide 2014: The Amazing RaceExpanded Holiday Retail Gift Guide 2014: The Amazing RaceThe online holiday gift guide for Day Spa Magazine has been posted online and we’re included!

Freeskier reviewed Pura Naturals' Active spongesPura Naturals’ Active sponges: Hygienically sound backcountry skiing gearI was able to try the Pura Naturals’ Active collection on a recent camping trip in Colorado’s Sangre De Cristo Wilderness and was impressed. After hiking around each day, it was pleasant to be able to wash off some of the dirt from the day’s excursion down by the stream—and the Peppermint Volcano scent was certainly refreshing. covers Pura NaturalsExercises and Essentials for Working Out at WorkThe team at LiveStrong provides recommendations on how to have an effective workout while you’re at work. They recommend our sponges for cleansing options when you don’t always have time for a shower. covers Pura Naturals26 Back-To-School Beauty Products Every College Student NeedsGurl.Com features Pura Naturals in a roundup of the best back-to-school beauty products for college.

Elle Magazine covers Pura Naturals13 Genius Travel Beauty Products for Your Next VacationElle Magazine covers the Active Charcoal Sponge in a roundup of 13 Genius Travel Beauty Products.

Pura Naturals: The Best Cleansing Sponges for Your Face and BodyWhen it comes to cleansing skin, scrubbing your face until it’s red and raw is not the answer. Harsh exfoliants and cleansers can leave a negative effect on your skin, causing it to dry out and even break out. The folks over at Pura Naturals have come up with the perfect solution.

Style on Main covers Pura NaturalsBack to School Beauty EssentialsStyle On Main, a beauty and lifestyle blogger, reviewed Pura Naturals in a roundup of ‘Back to School Beauty Essentials’.

Giftware News A Digital MagazineClean LivingGiftware features Pur Naturals on page 36.

Mom TrendsFriday Finds: 10-Minute Beauty Fixes“For quick and effective, hand washing we love the line of environmentally friendly cleansing sponges from Pura Naturals. Featuring sponges for the body, face, baby, and more, we love how these gentle sponges can effectively tackle dirt, oil, and grime while repelling water.”

About ParentingPura Naturals Baby Soap-Infused Sponges Review“While the sponges don’t specifically say the soap is tear-free, we didn’t have any problem with stinging eyes when we tested them out with our toddler… The soap in the sponge cleans skin and baby hair nicely. It rinses easily, despite the moisturizing oils in the sponge. I also tried it out on adult skin just for comparison, and found that it works just as well as bar soaps and doesn’t dry out skin.”

Coolege CuresWe have been reviewed on the website College CuresI have never been much of a fan of washcloths. Perhaps I am lazy but it just creates more laundry while acting as a breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how often I fold it up nicely and drape it over the faucet, I always return to find it balled up in the corner of the bath tub soaking wet…..

Parenting Healthy cover Pura NaturalsBack to School for Teens: The Pura Naturals cleansing productsPura Naturals was reviewed for teen skin care on Parenting Healthy’s blog!

Event: The Beautiful Faces Of HopeEvent: The Beautiful Faces Of HopePura is a participating sponser of NCW Magazine’s event

Rethink Cleansing with Pura Naturals: ReviewRethink Cleansing with Pura Naturals: Review“These pads are like no other sponges you have ever used. They are highly effective at absorbing oils, fuels, fats, and a wealth of other contaminants. Pura Naturals household and personal care products will change the way you clean.”

Beauty: Summer Mess Kit PicksBeauty: Summer Mess Kit PicksDirt Bag Darling has compiled a list of the best products for summer skincare, recommending our sponges for not only their ability to expertly cleanse, but their portability for storing alongside your outdoor gear.

Beauty: Summer Mess Kit PicksEast Coast Summer Surf KitSurf on the East Coast can be slightly unpredictable, here’s a helpful survival kit prepared by Dirt Bag Darling. We spy Pura Naturals!

Utah Family on Pura NaturalsPreschool Product Reviews“My first thought was that I love how clean I feel! I usually don’t care for exfoliating sponges because I find them too rough but these were just right. The body sponge I used was Citrus Splash and I thought the scent was pleasant and not overwhelming.”

The Joyful Organizer on Pura NaturalsCamping Gear for the Family“For a clean on the go, check out Pura sponges. They are soap-infused sponges made of renewable and plant based resources.”

Washington Parent on Pura NaturalsGood Stuff: Things We Like“The sponges attract oil, resist water and dry quickly, and the kids will be fascinated with how well it lathers, yet doesn’t feel wet! The sponges are safe for the skin and the environment…”

Lady Lux Logo for Pura Naturals ReviewGet Gorgeous With These Skincare Products“Keep your skin clean with Pura Naturals and its eco-friendly cleansing sponges for the face and body that expertly exfoliates while magically extracting oil, dirt, grease and grime.”

Tiffany Reviews it All on Pura Naturals Pura Naturals Products Review“They are pretty thin, and already filled with everything in them, just add water and it gets a great lather. Once they run out, just add more soap and re-use until the sponge falls to pieces.”

Pura Naturals Baby Sponge Review“I gave the sponges to my friend to use on her granddaughter and she enjoyed them, made her feel soft and smelled so fresh.”

Pura Naturals Face and Body Sponge Review“My verdict on these? Love them, super affordable and an alternative to bar soap and loofahs. Definitely would recommend especially for those who like exfoliation that doesn’t involve beads or rough, grainy scrubs.”

12 Great Gifts for the Traveling Man“This is a great product for those camping, or just looking for a cool way to pack soap and a loofah all at once.”

Savvy Savings talks Pura NaturalsFun in the Sun Product Must-Haves GuideLooking for the perfect beach or gym bag cleaner/sponge all in one? You MUST check out Pura Naturals Sponges! These all natural soap-infused sponges couldn’t be any more perfect for quick showers on the go!

Pura Naturals Body and Face Sponge Review“The next thing that was on my radar was that my skin was squeaky clean after use-and I mean literally. I wasn’t too keen on this because I felt like it was stripping too much oil from my skin. Even though I felt that way, my skin wasn’t extremely tight after use.”

Pura Naturals Environmentally Friendly Body Bars!“Go Green and Get Clean While Camping with Pura Naturals Environmentally Friendly Body Bars! My family does a lot of camping and that often means out house showers or stream water. With Pura Naturals we can have soap and a sponge where ever we are!”

10 Best Acne Busters For Clear, Beautiful Skin!“Formulated with skin-soothing botanicals and essential oils, this soap-infused sponge works hard to remove deep-seated impurities and excess oils away from your face.”